Rohit Jafa Brewing Solutions

Rohit Jafa Brewing Solutions, a venture of Sino Trade Corporation Ltd. (STCL), is the largest and the best microbrewery equipment supplier in India. The company offers top of the line microbreweries that are using the latest German Technology; and are specially designed keeping in mind India’s unique environment.

Rohit Jafa Brewing Solutions, is the pioneer in the Microbrewery industry in India, and was responsible for setting up the first brewery in the country - HOWZATT, Gurgaon in 2008; since then we have moved from strength to strength and solidified our position as the Best in India. Till date we have successfully installed approximately 30 Plants, the maximum in India, across Gurgaon, Panchkula, Pune, Bangalore and Delhi - Visit project page for more information.

Our manufacturing capabilities are world class, as we represent leading beer equipment manufacturing company of China. The company has installed medium and large-scale breweries in over 20 countries, and is ISO 9000 and CE certified.

Rohit Jafa Brewing Solutions provides complete beer brewing solutions that include:

  • Design support and facility planning for brewery
  • Supply and installation of brewery equipment
  • Fine-tune and testing of equipment
  • Source & purchase of raw materials
  • Tailor made beer recipes
  • Recruitment & training of personnel for plant operations and beer brewing processes

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