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Brewing Process

  • Beer is a mild alcoholic beverage manufactured from Barley malt, hops, yeast, water and other adjuncts such as maize, rice, sugar, wheat etc.
  • Barley malt is weighed properly and milled so as to powder the endosperm in the grain but leave the husk whole. This process is called It is Milling/Grinding.
  • The malt is then mixed with other ground ingredients as per the specific recipe and treated water is added; post which the whole mixture is subject to a time temperature program called Mashing.
  • During mashing the enzymes of the malt degrade the starch and proteins as per specific demands of the recipe for the style of beer and bring the sugars, amino acids and minerals into solution.
  • The liquid extract from the mashing process is called WORT.
  • WORT is then separated from the waste solid matter through a process of filtration called lautering.
  • After Lautering “WORT” is transferred to the kettle for WORT Boiling.
  • During the boiling operation the “Hops” is added. Hopsis the dried product of the Hop plant “HumulusLupulis” and imparts an aroma and bitter taste to the beer; this makes the beer pleasant to drink and have thirst quenching properties.
  • Once the WORT is boiled as per the specific requirements, to get the bitter substances into solution as well as sterilize,it is sent to a Whirlpool wherein the WORT is swirled so as to precipitate the suspended matter and make it clear.
  • The WORT is chilled in a Plate Heat Exchanger from 100 °C to about 10 °C in an hour and yeast is added into the Fermenters where the WORT is collected.
  • In the fermenters the yeast converts the fermentable sugars in the WORT to alcohol and Carbon Dioxide and this takes place for about 5-7 days at about 10 °C.
  • Soon after maturation is over the beer is passed through a Filter where the yeast and other suspended matters are removed and the clear beer is sent to the beer tanks. The beer is now ready to be dispensed fresh to the customer.