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Fresh Flavours of Wet Hop Beers?

Have you Tasted the Fresh Flavours of Wet Hop Beers?

Every year, at the end of the summer season, as the weather becomes cooler, a new batch of beer crops up in pubs all over the country. These are the unique “Wet hop” or “Fresh hop” beers that are available only for a few months every year.

In fact, beer connoisseurs encourage the regular beer drinkers to try this “limited edition” brew as soon as they become available, as these brews are available only once a year and have a pretty short shelf-life.

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History of Beers and Craft Beers in India

The Defining Moments in the History of Beers and Craft Beers in India

It was the year 2006 when Indian beer lovers had their first chance to taste the first locally brewed craft beer. In a short span of just ten years, the Indian craft beer industry has grown by leaps and bounds.

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Beer around the World

Check out the Most Popular Beer in 25+ Countries around the World

We’re pretty sure that even if you didn’t know before, you would have guessed correctly that the most popular beer in India is Kingfisher. Ever wonder, what beers are the most famous in other countries?

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7 Crazy Drinking Games

7 Crazy Drinking Games to Get your Party Going (With Minimal Preparation)

It’s Friday night, and your buddies are playing endless rounds of flip cup or beer pong – yet again! Here are some unusual, fun drinking games to get the party going.

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Know your Drink – All about the most popular beer, the IPA

Welcome fellow beer lovers, in today’s article, we’re taking a closer look at one of the most popular beers out there – the beloved IPA.
If you’ve tasted an IPA, then you would be aware that it’s not for the faint-hearted. It’s strong and bitter, the way a good beer should be.

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Beer Culture in Germany

Beer Culture in Germany – A Look into How the Country Drinks & Adores Beer

From the world-famous Oktoberfest to notorious beer gardens, Germany is undoubtedly the No.1 country that comes into one’s mind, when one thinks of this favourite brew.

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Storing your Favourite Brews at Home

All that you Need to Know about Storing your Favourite Brews at Home

If you’re like us, then beer doesn’t last very long in your house, so you needn’t be bothered about storage. However, once in a blue moon, you may be left with more beer that you can cram into the fridge. So, how do you store it?

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6 Holiday Beer Cocktail Recipes

Rethink your Drink – Easy & Unique Beer Cocktails to Keep you Warm this Winter

6 Holiday Beer Cocktail Recipes to Get You Through the Season!

Beer and winter go hand in hand. There’s nothing as soothing and relaxing like sipping on your favourite beer while you’re snuggled cosily on your couch! But, that doesn’t mean you have to just drink your brew out of the can or bottle.

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Marketing for Brew Pubs in India

Top Tactics to Improve the Business of your Brew Pubs

An Insider’s Guide to Improving your Beer Revenues

Congrats! As a brewpub owner, you’ve made your wildest dreams come true, and you’re pursuing your passions. You have crafted a microbrewery with a pub, that you’re proud to call your own.
But, success comes with a steep price.

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Best Beer Pubs around the World

A Tour of the Best Beer Pubs around the World

The title, “World’s Best Bar,” certainly means different things to different people. For some it’s the ambience, for others, the drinks are the stars, and for a few others, the best pub is incomplete without great eats.
While no one answer defines the “Best Watering Hole,” here in this list, we’ve rounded up some of the unique beer pubs from all over the world. From inns and lounges in the heart of New York City to pubs in India’s Silicon City, we’ve got it all. From speakeasies to the wildest Tiki bars, we’ve got it all!

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Top 10 Unusual Beer Flavours

Top 10 Unusual Beer Flavours that You’ll Want to Try

Over the last few years, brewers all over the world have been concocting strange brews with weird ingredients. The trend has caught up and nary has a day gone by without hearing about an unusual flavour. From an Icelandic beer, infused with the testicles of a whale to pilsners made from human pee – the weirdness just keeps on increasing.

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Adventures in Experimental Brewing

Adventures in Experimental Brewing – What, Why and How?

Have you heard about “Experimental Brewing?” One of the most fascinating aspects of being a craft brewer is that you can experiment with your recipes. Yes, you heard that right! Unlike commercial brewers who use the same old recipes for years, craft brewers can create their recipes from scratch. Doesn’t that sound great?!!

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Beer Festival

Take a Tour of the Top 10 Beer Festivals from across the Globe

When you walk into any pub in town, you are sure to find friends and even strangers building bonds while sipping on their favourite brews. This sense of belonging and camaraderie is what draws millions of beer lovers to beer festivals.

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Craft Beer Lover

Taste Beer Like Never Before. Fall in Love with the Frothy Drink. #CraftBeers

Just a few years back, pubs were simple and unfussy, and your choices were limited to a handful of commercial beers that were available in bottles and packets of peanuts.
Usher in the era of globalization and craft beers. Today, the entire pub culture has undergone a massive transformation and bars today are no more the gloomy, dreary places for broken hearts. With the rise of gastropubs and themed ones, pubs are now the coolest spots in town.

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Microbrewery Launch

All that you need to know before Launching a Micro-brewery

Admit it. You’ve always day dreamed about opening your own brewery. In those rosy dreams, you’ve always pictured yourself as a hearty brew master serving mugs of frothy ale while building a good rapport with your devoted fans.

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Throw open your Doors and Liven up Evenings at your Brewery, with Beer Tasting Events

Looking to spruce up evenings at your bar? Why not host a fun, beer tasting event that caters to the corporate crowd, businessmen, entrepreneurs, college-goers and gangs of friends?
Let’s take a look at the few reasons to open up your brewery for Beer Tasting Events.

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Wonderful Life that has Beer in It

It’s a Wonderful Life that has Beer in It

Beer. The marvellous drink that elevates spirits! Well, it’s probably the alcohol, but nevertheless, you can’t argue that it’s damn good.
There are millions and millions of people out there, who reach for a mug of beer every time they feel happy. People drink it at home and gather with friends to celebrate at a bar. People drink it when their favourite team lifts the cup or even while their favourite team loses.

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Adventures in Homebrewing

Home Brewing 101: All that you need to get started

Have you ever entertained the idea of making beer at home? Homebrewing is fun, easy. What starts as a hobby turns into an obsession and soon becomes a way of life. Welcome to your adventures in home brewing.

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Craft Beer in India

A Craft Beer a Day Can Keep You, Hale and Hearty

We can hear you saying, “Why differentiate between mass produced and craft beer?” Ultimately, it’s all beer, right? Well, No! Just like cheese and chalk are poles apart, craft beer and mass-produced, commercial beers fall on either end of the spectrum.
Even if we assume that both taste the same, which is highly unlikely, there are myriad other reasons, why you should reach for craft beer over commercial, bottled beers.

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The Impact of GST on MIcrobreweries

The Impact of GST on Beer and Microbreweries

With the “One Nation, One Tax” rolling out in a few weeks, it’s the ideal time to analyse and understand the effect of GST on the microbrewery industry. Goods and Services Tax, in short, GST has been all the rage for the last few months. From endless speculations to unfounded rumours, the industry is rife with discussions on how it will all work out.

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Beer Myths Debunked

Revealed: The Science behind Top 5 Urban Beer Myths

You would have come across the quote, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”, gracing t-shirts and mugs. This saying is attributed to Benjamin Franklin. However, a quick Google search reveals that this is one more urban myth making the rounds. Yep, the founding father of USA never said that about beer.

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Lifecycle of a Microbrewery

The Six Stages involved in the Lifecycle of a Microbrewery in India

It’s a historic time for craft beer. As the industry gains market share and is seeing an unprecedented growth in popularity and sales, a huge number of craft breweries are opening all across the country.
Let’s face the truth. You’ve always dreamt of a job where you aren’t bound to a desk and a major part of your day is spent on drinking tankards of beer, on company money. You’ve always envied those who work at a brewery.

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Craft Beers Vs. Mainstream Commercial Beers

Craft Beers Vs. Mainstream Commercial Beers: A World of Difference Figuring out What makes them Different

If I could have my favourite brew, for every time this question pops up, then I would be one totally delighted bloke. Yes, there is one question that often follows me ominously around everywhere I go. Curious friends and nosy relatives often ask me, “What’s the bloody difference between craft beers and commercially produced ones?” whenever they see me, nursing my lovely, craft ale.

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Brewing Industry in India

The Rise and Rise of the Craft Brewing Industry in India

A decade or so ago, craft beers were virtually unknown in India. All that, the lovers of the frothy drink had, were a handful of big names, which offered nothing novel in taste or quality. Enter the year 2006 when craft beers began to make an appearance in India for the first ever time and the life of the beer connoisseur changed forever.
From unique pubs to weddings and corporate events, craft beer has taken over the taps across the country. Worldwide, craft beer sales have seen a massive increase by 15% in the last year alone.

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Different Ways to Use Beer

10 Different Ways to Use your Favourite Brew, of course, other than drinking It!

Ahh, beer! The golden liquid, the real world equivalent of elixir! Is there any other finer liquid? Whether you’re into strong ales, light beers, or IPAs, a mug of ice-cold beer is enough to make you feel relaxed and at your best during summer, winter or any season, to be honest.
If you think the fun stops at just drinking gallons of this all-time favourite drink, then you’ll be shocked to know that there’s more to this bubbly liquid than just sipping it. That’s right: there is an array of things; you could do with beer, other than drinking it.

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liqour ban on Highway

Let’s Raise our Empty Glasses to the Liquor Ban on Highways

Tipplers all over the country are being haunted by doomsday visions. The happy memories of clinking glasses, shouting cheers, diving into the hole of crazy, meaningless boozy talk, sharing pegs, breaking into out-of-tune songs and driving crazy the friend, who has started seeing in triplicates, are beginning to fade away.

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Know Thy Glass to Enjoy your Drink Better

Know Thy Glass to Enjoy your Drink Better

Every time I visit a pub that has an impressive collection of glassware, I am reminded of the quote, “Anyone can drink beer, but it takes intelligence to enjoy a beer.” A true beer lover is proud of his ever growing collection of glassware.
If you’re wondering, do all these different styles of glasses matter, then the answer is a strong, resounding YES. Your glass is more than a utensil that holds your favorite drink. It’s a delivery mechanism that enhances the aroma, flavor and color of your brew. In fact, the type of glass may break or make your overall experience.

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Key Challenges which can be faced by Microbreweries in India

Microbrewery industry is the buzz word right now in lot of Metropolitan cities in India. There are several reasons behind it which is seeing a massive movement where consumers are migrating from bottled beer to the freshly brewed beer and sipping it sitting in the great environment. Invertors entering the field are creating their own uniqueness in terms of type of beer manufactured and how the complete resto-bar set up is created. Ultimately consumers are having gala time. In this article, we are covering a very important topic which is if really everything so rosy in the segment or there are some potential show stoppers which slow down the speed a bit. The industry is little troubled with few underlined challenges on a global scale, here’s a look at how.

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Large Beer

Lager Beer and its History explained

As a Beer enthusiast, you must have tried several different styles of beer and wonder how many still exists which needs a check in your list. We are making your life simple and to begin with sharing the details on Lager beer which dominates the market globally.

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State wise Microbrewery Policy – Telangana

Thank you, readers, for your words of appreciation which are giving us on sharing the articles on state wise microbrewery policy. We have covered multiple states wise policy so far and now in this article we have covered excise policy in a state which is recently formed. People in Telangana are known to be chilled out segment and believe in experimenting new and best things in life.

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State wise Microbrewery Policy – Delhi

As you are closely following the article series in which we are covering state policies for setting up the microbrewery in their respective region, let’s check out what are the regulations which exist in the Capital city of India i.e. Delhi. This is the 4th article published in the series.

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State wise Microbrewery Policy – Chandigarh (UT)

This is the 3rd piece of the informative articles we are publishing on state wise policy on Microbrewery business. We covered details on policies in Maharashtra and Karnataka states earlier and in this published article we are covering the policy in place in Chandigarh which is a Union Territory and rules remain the same in 2 states namely Haryana and Punjab. Microbrewery business is flourishing in this part of the country because of rapid development in places like Mohali, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Faridabad etc. Youngsters are setting up their base, they very well know how to work hard and party harder. Freshly brewed beer has become their de-facto choice.

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State wise Microbrewery Policy – Maharashtra

In our article series, we are covering very important topic that what are the state policies which exist for setting up and running the Microbrewery manufacturing unit in respective state zone. Earlier we comprehensively covered the details on Karnataka State and in this particular blog details have been covered for Maharashtra State. With the policy been defined, it has given a very clear set of rules which needs to be followed.

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State wise Microbrewery Policy – Karnataka

Microbrewery business in India is growing at a very rapid pace. Majority of the leading states have cleared the setup of microbreweries and there are respective clear guidelines about it. States such as Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh (UT), West Bengal. Karnataka, Maharashtra & Uttrakhand have detailed out the set of rules in their excise documents making the life so much easier for the segment of users interested to setup their business in the same domain.

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The health benefits of drinking beer!

Summers have knocked on the doors in India. A cold lager refreshes you on a sunny afternoon, sipping beer also brings unanticipated benefits. Beer just doesn’t help you kick back and relax after a busy day but also accompanies quite a lot of health benefits. It brings countless unexpected benefits like improving heart health to strengthening bones. But keep in mind the benefits only apply to moderate drinkers and not addictive drinkers. Drinking more than 2 pints of beer far outweigh the benefits gained from drinking beer, this applies to both men and women. Regardless of your consumption here are some benefits of beer you probably didn’t know of:

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How to setup a microbrewery from idea conceptualization to serving in India?

Hey! You have very wisely decided on making your next investment in setting up a microbrewery in India. Field is new for you and you have several unanswered queries how to go for it. By the time you end up reading the blog, you should have answers available on broader level for most of the questions. Even if something is found amiss, drop a message to Rohit Jafa Brewing Solutions which is the top notch microbrewery equipment manufacturing company in Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Bangalore (India) which holds the key and can work as partners with you to make your project a reality in the most professional manner.

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Pairing of different BEER with different CUISINES

There are men who can have drink beers all day with a pack of chips while watching evening soaps and there are also men who carry their beer mugs even on their first dinner date! What’s with the obsession to the gold drink? Every brewer’s beer tastes unique; A freshly made beer is proven to be good for health as it contains barley, malt and few more agro ingredients. Then the chef never really reveals his secret ingredient! This leads to 4 classic beers that you must share when you dine your favourite cuisine!

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Microbrewery equipment in delhi

Craft beer / fresh beer VS Bottled Beer

There is a reason why beer gets you high slowly; so that you can relish the taste. Why do we always prefer a coffee made at home over a cappuccino from any coffee shop? The coffee made in your kitchen will taste different every day but the taste will blow your mind irrespective of any case. A fresh beer plays the same quotient. Every brewer creates his beer with natural ingredients, unlike a bottled beer that will taste the same. Same applies on Craft Brewery in India, they follow the same approach.

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Increasing consumption of Beer in India

“I have a mini fridge in my room that is stacked up with beer” says Yogesh Varman a 26 year old office goer, India. While statements like this can boost a beer producing company, the more you zoom in, the smaller the lot in India. While China, UK and US top the charts in selling beer between 75-100 litres of beer a year to one beeroholic, India stands at 50 litres. However, umpteen number of financial forecasting reports hold their bets on beer market in India to produce the highest revenue in the alcohol segment for the 2016.

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What I Wish I'd Known before Starting a Brewery

With more and more of contemporary business ideas sprouting out, young minds are choosing diverse fields to pursue their careers. One of the most sorted careers, of “today’s” young minds is setting up a beer brewery. Though this field rings a unique connotation as a business move, it can turn out to be productive and bank account friendly if you pay close attention to a certain essentials this field carries along.

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