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Microbrewery Equipment

Micro Breweries are modern day breweries that produce a limited quantity of beer per day. The maximum amount of beer such a brewery can produce and still be classed as a microbrewery, varies by region, and is usually 5000L/day or 50HL/day. The beer is preservative free and a variety of them can be produced from the same plant: lagers, ales, porters, stouts, fruit flavored etc.

Microbreweries can be installed in restaurants, pubs, hotels, clubs or malls. The space requirement is approximately 0.12 perlitre capacity (excluding malt milling and storage for malt and other raw materials ). They can be designed for installation on single or split-levels, basement or top floors – as per the buyer’s requirement and availability of space.

RJ Brewing Solutions- We manufacture plants of 200 lt/day,300 lt/day,500 lt/day & 1000 lt/day.


500 Liter Brewhouse


200 Liter Brewhouse


300 Liter Brewhouse


Fermentation Tank



Clean In Place System

Microbrewery Diatomite Filter

Storage Tank

The operation of the plant has manual and auto functions. The equipment is provided with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller by Siemens) system for process control.