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Our Team

Rohit Jafa

Managing Director

Mr. Rohit Jafa has over 20 years of experience in the leather trade – sourcing, manufacturing and export and domestic retailing of footwear. He was a partner in ZETA leather exports, a mid-sized export orient firm catering to the European market in addition to having retail presence in Delhi NCR.

In 2004, Mr. Rohit Jafa started his trading firm – SINO TRADE CORPORATION LIMITED (STCL), which is a multi-product trading firm; the firm also represents a leading beer equipment manufacturing company of China (an ISO 9000 and CE certified company). STCL is instrumental in providing complete beer brewing solutions on a turnkey basis that includes: design support, supply of complete equipment, installation, fine-tuning and testing of equipment, training of personnel for plant operations and beer brewing processes.

Mr. Jafa’s company was the first to set up a microbrewery in India at Howzatt, Galaxy Hotel – Gurgaon in 2008 Over the years, under Rohit Jafa’s stewardship, the company has successfully installed over 25 microbreweries across India (Gurgaon, Punchkula, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi).

Ishan Grover

Brew master

Ishan Grover, at a very early age, realized his passion for Beers and opted for the world’s coolest art of making Spirit. He ended up doing masters in Food and Beverage science, which broadened his horizon and expertise in Brewing and Distilling from International Centre of Brewing and Distilling at Heriot Watt University, Scotland.

His objective is to create awareness about the art of Brewing and take the Craft brewing industry to the next level. He had started India’s first International Microbrewery in Gurgaon, Lemp Brewpub and Kitchen, which was the franchise of LEMP Brewing Company in St. Louis USA. Lemp was the first company to produce Lager beer in the USA.

Currently, Ishan manages a vast portfolio of over clients, including the Manhattan Group that operates 6 brewpubs in Gurgaon. He is consistently looking for a platform where he has the freedom of innovation and creativity to set trends in the beer market. He had created some unconventional beer styles for Indian market keeping in mind the Indian Beer palate.
According to Ishan, India is a virgin Market where people are less aware of quality beer, and the biggest challenge we have is to educate the consumer about quality beers and he is sure in coming years one will be able to differentiate itself from the market by setting the international standards of brewing.