Our Team


Rohit Jafa

Managing Director

Rohit, a first generation entrepreneur, started his career in the leather industry, and has over 20 years of experience in sourcing, manufacturing and export of footwear to the European market. In 2004, he started Sino Trade Corporation Limited (STCL), a multi-product trading firm headquartered in Hong Kong that taps into China’s manufacturing industry. During one of his visits to Europe, Rohit discovered the concept of microbreweries, and being a visionary, he foresaw great potential for such a concept in India. In 2007, his company STCL entered into a strategic partnership with a leading beer equipment manufacturing company of China (an ISO 9000 and CE certified company). Rohit has become the pioneer of the microbrewery industry, and over the years his company has been able to successfully provide complete beer brewing solutions to the Indian market.

His company was the first to set up a microbrewery in India at Howzatt, Galaxy Hotel – Gurgaon in 2008. Over the years, under Rohit Jafa’s stewardship, the company has successfully installed over 60 microbreweries across India.


Jay Jafa


Mr. Jay is responsible for new business development and formulation & execution of growth strategies for the company. Prior to joining RJBS, Jay worked as a professional for over 5 years across the Banking & Consulting industry in India. More recently Jay has been actively involved in the F&B space, and has been an active investor in Pub Breweries; in addition he has also taken on multiple consulting assignments that revolves around development & execution of new concepts for upcoming restaurants. Jay Jafa, holds a Master of Business Administration degree in finance & strategy from the University of Hong Kong and London Business School.

In the future, Jay plans to start and manage an F&B centric investment fund that invests, across geographies, in unique & interesting restaurant ideas that translate into unforgettable experiences.


Ishan Grover


Ishan at a very early age, realized his passion for Beers and opted for the world’s coolest art of making malt based beverages and spirits. He ended up doing a masters in Food and Beverage science, which broadened his horizon and expertise in Brewing and Distilling from the International Centre of Brewing and Distilling at Heriot Watt University, Scotland. His objective is to create awareness about the art of Brewing and take the Craft brewing industry to the next level. He had started India’s first International Microbrewery in Gurgaon, Lemp Brewpub and Kitchen, which was the franchise of LEMP Brewing Company in St. Louis USA. Lemp was the first company to produce Lager beer in the USA.

Currently, Ishan manages a vast portfolio of over clients, including the Manhattan Group that operates 6 brewpubs in Gurgaon, Punjabi by Nature, and Farzi Café in Bangalore.


Amit Mishra

Master Brewer

Amit completed his graduation from B.E Biotechnology, Bangalore and eventually moving to Scotland to complete his M.Sc. in Brewing and Distilling. He has worked in several projects each with its own set of challenges before joining RJBS. Amit has also worked under world class Brewmasters which has assisted him in refining his brewing skills and curated his experience in brewing and designing different beer styles. Prior to joining, he was the Lead Brewer at Windmills Craftworks where he helped evolve the signature Hefeweizen and IPA along with other styles.

Brewing is his first love and passion and like he says “Brewery is where I feel most at Home and the real joy is when people love and enjoy your creation it’s like all the hard work paid off.