Microbrewery Equipment

We at Rohit Jafa Brewing Solutions, a leading  supplier of microbrewery equipment in India and complete-solution provider offering turnkey brewing systems with custom designs to meet the requirements of emerging craft brewers from all over the country.  Our microbrewery equipment mainly includes the Brew House,Fermentation System, CIP System, Filter system, Control System, Packing system and the subsidiary system.The equipment is made using stainless steel SS-304 (food grade) with the most advanced beer producing and designing technology. Sanitary joints that enable easy installation, connections, movement and disassembly, connect the pipes and valves used in the equipment set up.

The production scale typically ranges from 2HL to 20 HL WORT per batch. Additionally we can custom design and build according to your requirements. We have successfully commissioned microbrewery plants across Gurgaon, Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab, Pune, Bangalore and many more.

Brew House

  • The Brew House mainly includes the mash tank, lauter tank, brew kettle and whirlpool tun.
  • Our Brew house capacity ranges from 2HL to 20HL.
  • The components in the system are made of stainless steel SS-304
  • The Brew House can come in a variety of finishes – Copper, Gold, Mirror and Matt.
  • Option for a Steam or Electric Brew House is available

Our brewing solutions also include a choice of other equipment, such as malt mill machine,rice mill machine, heat plate exchanger, WORT oxygenator and vapor draining system.


Fermentation and Bright Beer Tanks

  • The tanks are custom made using imported high quality stainless steel SS-304
  • The interior polish/finish is less than and equal to 0.6 UM; while the exterior is treated with a secondary smooth polish
  • The heat is retained using imported PU foam with bottom cone type technology
  • The cooling jackets of the tanks adapt dimple plate, arch channels and fluting channels to exchange heat
  • With the help of our PLC control system the equipment can be operated automatically and semi automatically.

Clean In Place System (CIP)

  • Our CIP cleaning device includes alkali tank, sterilization water tank, CIP pump, pipes and valves
  • The portability of the system means it can be deployed for use on various types of small brewery equipment
  • The equipment can be designed as manual, semi auto operations according to a customer’s requirements

Control System

The PLC control system is adopted as a control system for a Craft Brewing system.

The PLC control system includes Siemens programmable controllers, IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) and other auto control components

  • The heating and cooling functions are fully automated; however they can also be controlled manually
  • The technological parameters can be programmed and set automatically or manually according to the customer’s requirement

Cooling System

The cooling system includes IWC, refrigerator, cooling pipes and valves. The system is used to reduce the temp of WORT and for controlling fermentation temperature.

  • Our cooling system consists of an independently developed plated heat exchanger
  • The cooling pipes are welded with PU to maintain temperature and thus effectivelyreduce heat loss
Brew House
Clean In Place System
Bright Beer Tank
Full Brewery