It’s Friday night, and your buddies are playing endless rounds of flip cup or beer pong – yet again! Here are some unusual, fun drinking games to get the party going.

What more all these games listed here are pretty cheap. Apart from crates of your favorite beer, you don’t need much preparation. This way, these games can be played at any time, even when you’re running low on budget.


Things Needed: Just bottles of your favorite brew

This is a great game to share secrets and bond with your pals. You have to say “Never have I Ever ____________,” followed by something you haven’t done before. If someone in your gang is guilty of doing this, then he/she has to take a sip.

For instance, you can say, “Never have I ever kissed a girl at a movie theatre,” and all those in the group who have indulged in this act before, have to take a sip from their drink.

The fun part is getting your friends to admit their embarrassing stories. So, be careful of what you say!


Things Needed: Favorite drinks and bits of paper

Keeping a straight face is pretty tricky especially when you’re tipsy, and this game challenges precisely that. All players have to write an inappropriate sentence or lewd jokes ones on paper. The aim is to write sentences that make others burst out laughing.

You pool all the papers in the middle of the table. Each player has to pick up a chit and read out what’s written there out loud. If anyone laughs, he/she has to take a sip.


Things Needed: Just your favorite brew

You have to sit in a circle. Each player takes turns asking a question phrased with the words “Most likely.”For instance, “Who is the most likely to fart in public?” Count until three, and everyone has to point at the person who they think most likely.

The person who has the maximum number of finger pointing at them has to take as many sips as the number of fingers pointing at them.


Things Needed: Paper bags and drinks

This is a fun game to try this weekend. It involves a bit of physical activity, so it’s great for parties with plenty of people.

Start by placing a paper bag on the ground. Make it stand upright. Players take turns leaning forward and trying to pick up the bag using only their mouths. No hands allowed.

If you fail to lift the bag up with your teeth, you have to take a sip. After each round, chop off an inch of the bag. Keep going on, till only the bottom of the bag remains.


Things Needed: Bits of paper and drinks

This is an excellent icebreaker to kick-start the party. It will help your guests to mingle closely literally. Jot down parts of the body on a paper and jumble it all together. Players have to group in teams of two, and each team has to take two chits.

Then, the team has to make sure that the two parts of the body mentioned in the chits are joined together. What more, they have to stay attached as long as possible. Any time a team separates, the members have to take a sip.


Things Needed: Bits of paper, dice, and drinks

Each player writes a few common nouns on bits of paper. When your turn comes, you have to select a particular chit and roll a dice. Don’t let others see the number you have rolled.

If it’s an even number, you have to tell a true story from your life, using the word written on the paper as a starting point. On the other hand, if it’s an odd number, you have to make up a story.

For instance, if you have rolled two and picked a paper containing the word “fly,” you can tell the story about how you accidentally swallowed a fly during camping. On the other hand, if it’s a three, you have to make up a story about cooking a fly.

All the players have to guess if it’s your story is real or imagined. If they make a “wrong” guess, they have to take a sip of their drink. For every person who guesses “right,” you have to take a sip.


Things Needed: Paper cups, spoons, and drinks

You need two cups for every player in the game. One cup has to be filled to the brim with an alcoholic drink. The other cup needs to be empty.

The timer is set to one minute. All participants have to transfer as much of their drink into the empty cup with a spoon. After the minute is over, participants have to drink all that’s left in their cup. The last person who remains standing is the winner.

Have you tried any of these or do you have other favorite drinking games? Let us know in the comments!