Brewing SolutionsAnswered – All the Beer Questions you were afraid to Ask?

You have had a few questions about your favorite brew, but felt hesitant, shy or just plain embarrassed to voice them out. Fret Not! Here, in today’s post, we finally put to rest those niggling doubts that were clawing at the back of your minds.

We believe that there are no bad beers and stupid questions. And, so we have compiled a list of the queries our readers often ask us and our in-house beer geeks put an end to these, once for all.

Does Glassware really matter?

This one’s a bit tricky, and the answer is both a big Yes and a subtle No! No, we don’t mean to confuse you further. In fact, we even wrote an article listing the different types of glassware and the right brews to use them with.

While this may seem unnecessary and even a bit snobbish, we insist you do a quick test at home or your favorite pub. Try drinking an IPA or a pale ale in a Tulip glass and a tumbler, side-by-side and we’re pretty sure that you’ll notice the difference.

Does that mean you have to go and purchase all different kinds of fancy glasses available on the market? Umm, no! A good beer is still good, even if you drink out of a mug or straight out of the bottle. But, if you’re a serious beer connoisseur or would love to flaunt your home bar, then it pays to invest in the right glassware.

What has beer got to do with Gravity? Is it the same thing that hit Newton on his head?

If you’ve come across people discussing a beer as “low gravity” or “high gravity,” it means they’re referring to its alcoholic content. Before the fermentation process, brewers measure the “original gravity” of the brew. This number is just an indicator that determines the final ABV of the drink.

So, the gravity of a beer has nothing to do with Newton or the G-force. But, if you feel that gravity has got an extraordinary grip on you, then you can be sure that you’ve had a drink too many.

What’s the deal with all that foam? I don’t want to pay for air when I could have had more of my drink?

The foam on top of your beer is more than a fancy way to serve your drink. In fact, serving beer a couple of inches of foam is indeed considered as the best way to serve it. The foam (also known as the head of the beer) is there to deliver the aromas of your drink. Additionally, it enhances the flavor and your mouth-feel, as you take it along with the drink, in each sip.

Conversely, lack of foam means that you’re being served beer in the wrong glassware or your glass is dirty and improperly washed.

If you’re still not satisfied that you’re getting your money’s worth, then remember that beer glasses often have a few extra inches of space to accommodate all that foam.

Why are a few beers served warm, while the rest are brought to the table ice-cold?

It all depends on the flavor and aromatics. The colder a beer, lighter is its aroma and flavor. This is the reason why most brews are served super cold. On the other hand, English ales and Belgian Dubbels are served at comparatively warmer temperatures, so that you can taste and savor every little flavor and every nuance of aroma.

And, this is the reasons why there are plenty of memes circulating the internet making fun of those who drink their brew super cold. There are even specific charts that state the right temperature to serve each type of beer.

Personally, we feel that drinking beer warm (at room temperatures) is an acquired taste and takes some time. We encourage you to pick a few bottles of beer, keep it in the fridge and then drink it at various temperatures to find out if you’re able to notice the differences.

I don’t like a beer recommended by my bartender. Will I appear rude if I send it back?

Never! In fact, several bartenders even encourage this. You’re under no obligation to drown a beer that tastes off-key. In fact, sometimes a beer tastes terrible if it has a brewing defect, infection or poor storage. A good bartender will be able to find out the problem and give you something else.

With that said, we think its bad manners to keep on sending one drink after another. If you’re unsure of what you like, then we recommend ordering a beer flight, with various styles. This way you can try out different brews and order more of the one that you love.

I honestly don’t know what I like, how do I figure out what I want to drink?

This is the beauty of beer – there is a whole lot of stuff, and you can try it all out before you choose what you love. If you’re confused, talk with your bartender or server. Try to identify styles that you enjoy and what you cannot drink.

Your preference for beer is highly personal. Just like different people have various choices when it comes to wine, music, food, movies, the thermostat temperature, everyone has different preferences when it comes to beer.

The best way to find out your individual preference is to try plenty of styles. Head to a bar or a pub in your neighborhood known for its range of beers. Then, talk with the bartender and ask if they have a beer flight to try out. Sometimes bartenders even offer you samples. This is better than ordering a big bottle only to find that you don’t like it.

While sampling a brew, ask yourself the following questions – is it too bitter for your likes? Too fruity? Or just too plain?

Remember that you can never find the styles that you love by searching on Google. Gather up some friends, head to your favorite pub, and fall in love with the world of beers!

If you still have any further questions, shoot them to us by dropping a line at Our brew masters would love to answer them for you.