Brewing SolutionsAll That You Need to Know about Designing the Perfect Label for your Craft Brews

Get your Brews Flying off the Shelves with a Stunning Design

You may have brewed the perfect beer. But, if your marketing is lacking, then the world will not know about your creation. Check out the first part in the series, about making your craft brews give the big name brands, a run for their money.

Come on, don t be shy. Say it aloud – you know your beer is better than the big brands out there. Now, it’s time to convince others of it. Getting strangers (especially beer aficionados) to try your brew is a lot harder than getting your friends and family to sip it.

You’re going to need a captivating and stunning label for your beer.

If you’re into craft beer production or wondering if you should get started, let’s first congratulate you-you’re in one of the most profitable industries right now. According to a survey by the Brewer’s Association, craft brewing is quickly emerging as one of the most profitable and viable industries right now.

With that said, let’s agree that small brewers don’t know marketing (or do they have a huge marketing budget) as much as they know their hops, yeast, and fermentation. Here, on our blog, we seek to address this. Over the next few weeks, we’ll give you some great tips, tricks, and strategies to up your marketing game. In no time, you’ll be competing with some of the big names out there.

Today, we show you how to create the perfect beer labels for your brew. Without further delay, let’s get started.

Figure out your Brand’s Personality

As Socrates said, “Know Thyself,” we believe that any successful brand must know itself. If this sounds philosophical, let us break it down in simple terms for you – know where your brand stands in the market.

Here are three key questions, you have to ask yourself:

  • What is your product? What is its USP?
  • Who is your target customer?
  • How do you sell your product? What are your sales channels?

Start by identifying what type of beer you’re selling – a lager or ale? What’s the style of your beer? And, think of one solid reason why people should try your beer over others?

The next step is identifying your target customers. Remember, you cannot satisfy every single beer drinker out there. Instead, of trying to please everyone, focus on exceeding the expectations of a small, select group.

The final step is to identify how your target customers buy your product. Do they go to a local beer pub, or can they order it online?

Finding the answers to these questions will help you identify and develop the personality of your brand. It will help you shortlist what you want to convey via your beer label.

Once you’ve fleshed out the personality of your brand, the next step is to put it down in your label.

Designing the Beer Label

Your beer label is one of the first impressions you make on your customers. While knowing the personality of your brand is the first step, the next important step is to translate that personality in your label.

Choosing the Label Styles

Full Wrap Beer Bottle Label

This is a large rectangular label that wraps around the entire middle surface of the beer bottle. This is a good choice if you have plenty of information to include on the label. Wondering what you should print on your label? Here are a few ideas to help you out:

  • Ingredient list
  • Taste profile
  • Explain the story that inspired the beer
  • The story of how your brand came into existence
  • Manufacturing / Expiry date

Half Wrap Beer Bottle Label

Are you someone who loves to keep it crisp and short? Then, a half wrap beer bottle label is perfect for your brand. It has sufficient space to print your logo and other information required by law, without being superfluous. This label covers only one side of the bottle, thereby letting the brew taking center stage.

Get your consumers to see the rich colour of your brew while saving the cost of printing a full-sized label that covers the entire circumference.

Beer Neck Label

If you feel that the neck of your beer bottle is empty, then you can opt for this style along with any one of the previous two styles.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to stray away from the norm and make your bottles look different, then opt just for the beer neck label. It’s minimalistic and works great, especially when you have an attractive beer bottle or a cool looking brew. The beer neck label lets you focus on what matters most – your beer.

Choosing the Shape of your Label

Rectangle, square, trophy, circle – the options available for your beer bottle label shapes are aplenty. Let’s take a look at the different label shapes and their impacts:

Square and Rectangle Labels

These are the most common label shapes – they are mostly the standard. Even if your labels are standard, round or square the corners, to give it a subliminal twist.

Sharp Corners – Also known as cusps, these evoke feelings of strength, stability, and power. If your beer has a strong, intense flavor, then sharp corners help you convey that message.

Round Corners – Rounded corners stand out in the world of sharp edges. If your beer has a fruity or light flavor, then rounded corners work better.

Triangle Labels – These are another modern choice for your beer labels. They symbolize sharpness, balance and are perceived as energetic and dynamic. If your beer has some interesting and unique flavours, then using triangle labels is a great choice.

Circle and Oval Shapes – Both these shapes symbolize timelessness. They are a great choice if your beer has a unique flavor, out of the ordinary.

Other Shapes – Other alternative shapes include hexagons, scallops, hearts and more.

Choosing the Material for your Beer Label

Once you have finalized the shape and style of your beer label, the next step is to pick a suitable material. Since beers are traditionally kept cold, in a refrigerator or on ice, you need to look for waterproof labels that don’t tear easily. The finish of the label can be – matte, gloss, polyester, and so on.

Final Thoughts

Now, that you’ve decided on the physical aspects of your beer label, in the next post, we’ll take a look at the design, colour, style, and typography of the label. Remember that if you need your brews flying off the shelves, then you need an awesome label! Till then keep sipping on your favourite brew!