Brewing SolutionsIn Bengaluru, Beer is the new Coffee

Namma Bengaluru!!

Bengaluru, still commonly known as Bangalore is one fast developing city in the world and the 7th largest city in India. It is the capital of the state of Karnataka. With a pleasant climate all year round, crazy traffic jams, ample greenery, it is one of the biggest tech hubs of India. Though the city is the fourth most populated city in India, and with increasing population levels, Bengaluru is still recognized as the greenest city in India. All credits go to the parks in Bengaluru.

For many Bengaluru is known as the Silicon Valley of India but there is another industry in Bengaluru for which it is famous for. Any guesses?

Bengaluru is famous for craft beer. Yes, it’s true the party capital Bengaluru is famous for craft beer in India. You may have recently seen a forward message in Whatsapp, Facebook or somewhere stating Bengaluru has a total of 52 microbreweries/brewpubs that are operational.  It even turned out to be surprising to note Bengaluru residents, who often go out and are well-informed about the city.

If you analyze the lifestyle of the city, fifty-two brewpubs in Bengaluru is not surprising because Bengaluru has always had a very strong beer drinking culture. The nightlife of Bengaluru has plenty to offer. Comedy nights happen all over the city and beer often turns out to be the perfect companion.

In most of the other big cities in India, people prefer hard liquor over beer. People drown a drink or two at local pubs and then head back home. The situation in Bengaluru turns out to be very different; people enjoy having a casual drink and meeting friends over a nice chilled beer.  This makes the craft beer scene in Bengaluru unique, not only for brewpubs but also for the quality and range of beers available in the market. Beer brewing is a passion here. No other city in India has beers with such high IBU (international bittering units) as found in several places in Bengaluru.

What’s brewing in Bengaluru?

Each year the brewpubs in Bengaluru are increasing. Sarjapur Road in the city is popularly called the “brewepur” due to the presence of a large number of breweries here. Many people who worked in the IT field have left the job and started brewpubs. Leading brewpub equipment suppliers in India like Rohit Jafa make setting up brew plants in the city, easier than ever before.  The capacities range from 300Lt, 500Lt, and 1000Lt. With over ten years of experience, Rohit Jafa is the leading choice for brewers in Bengaluru and we have numerous awards including the title of best pub brewery plant in Gurgaon.

If you have visited a microbrewery in the city before, you would be shocked by the spread of the kitchen. Usually, kitchens accompanying breweries are spread over 5000 sq. Ft with over 70 kitchen staff. It’s estimated that the microbrewer churns out around 20,000 liters of beer every month.

The most amazing part of owning brewpubs is making your own beer is cheaper than buying and reselling spirits.  When we set up the equipment and licenses, we help you manufacture your distinct style of beers.

As the brewpubs in the city are growing in demand, soon the beer culture would spread to other cities in India. By selling 15,000 to 20,000 liters of craft beer a month, you can easily earn 1.25 crore to 2.5 crore rupees per month.

The craft of beer- making



Today, regular pubs in Bengaluru have also started to serve fresh craft beer.  More than 70 pubs in Bengaluru today serve fresh craft beer. In recent times there is a huge rise in demand and curiosity for learning the process of beer brewing.

While the basic manufacturing processes are the same for commercially-produced beer and craft beer, craft beer is generally produced in small batches, making sure the quality is high. The ingredients may change according to the season and essence. Jackfruit beer is one of the most local popular beers in Bengaluru city.

Freshly brewed craft beers are stored in kegs, or barrels in cold and dark places to prevent oxidation. The process of storing beer in basements is also to reduce the unpleasing effects of skunking. It’s a process when hops come in contact with light; it emits a foul and unpleasant odor.

While brewing culture in Bengaluru is sustainable; rainwater harvesting, recycling, and reusing are done as much as possible.  With us, you can equip and make sure your project is sustainable. The yeast used for brewing is not suitable for making another batch of beer. However, we make sure that it is neutralized and denatured and supplied to poultry farms nearby as a feed supplement for farm animals. The spent barley is sent to local dairy farms for fodder. The wooden crates that come along with ingredients are repurposed into furniture.

In a city where the beer is the new coffee, there is a simultaneous increase in home brewing. The community of homebrewers is growing rapidly and there are over a hundred and fifty to two hundred active homebrewers in the city.

Bengaluru runs on Beer


Yep, that’s not an exaggeration!

The increase in brewpubs/ microbrewery clearly states that the beer has made its mark in the city. With many people opening a brewpub, the beer culture is expected to increase rapidly in the coming years. It’s also one of the unique and profitable ventures to start.

San Diego, a famous city in the US, with a population similar to Bengaluru and a culture as vibrant as Bengaluru, has over 200 breweries and brewpubs. When compared to Bengaluru, the numbers in Bengaluru are still low. This leaves a lot of room of growth.

For now, the breweries are churning out a lot of liquid magic, so if you are looking to enter the craft beer industry in the city, this is the best time to do so. Keep calm and get your brew on!

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