When you walk into any pub in town, you are sure to find friends and even strangers building bonds while sipping on their favourite brews. This sense of belonging and camaraderie is what draws millions of beer lovers to beer festivals.

There is no dearth of options when it comes to choosing the right beer festival that is to your liking. From the world famed “Oktoberfest” that draws millions of people every year, to upcoming, quaint festivals with just a few hundreds of attendees, we’ve gathered up a list of a few top beer fests from across the world.

If you’re looking to expand your beer knowledge or just looking for the biggest party in town, you must check out a few of these festivals and fall in love with the “Wonderful World of Beer” all over again.


Where: Munich in Germany

When: Late September to early October

This is probably what comes to your mind when you think of the term, “Beer Festival.” It’s the undoubtedly the largest beer festival in the world and runs for sixteen days. If you can attend only one beer festival in your lifetime, then it should be this one.

With more than 6.9 million litres of beer consumed during the fest and over 6.2 million visitors every year, this is the pinnacle of all beer fests. Started in 1810, the festival has been celebrated for more than two centuries, making it the oldest beer fest in the world.

Beer paired with traditional German food and Bavarian costumes is the highlight of this event. Oktoberfest is so popular that it’s celebrated in several other beer loving nations like Vietnam, Brazil and Hong Kong.


Where: London, England

When: Early August

Also nicknamed as the “Biggest Pub in the World,” this fest is conducted by CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale). The CAMRA hosts several other beer festivals in the UK. CAMRA reported that it sold one pint of beer every half-second during the event. A big draw of this festival is the wide variety of live entertainment and traditional pub games.


Where: Denver, Colorado, USA

When: Late September to early October

This is a three-day event that is more than a beer festival. It’s the ultimate beer competition. More than 100 reputed judges from the country, taste, and sample over 4000 beers offered at the event. The winning breweries are presented with medals and awards. More than 450 American brewers attend this annual event. It even holds the Guinness Record for the largest venue to offer the most varieties of draft beer.


Where: New York City, USA

When: Late October

Nicknamed as the “United Nations of Beer,” this is a two-day event. When you pay the small registration fee, you receive a festival glass that you can use to sample unlimited varieties of beers from over 100 American microbrewers.

This festival promotes craft beers, so you can be pretty assured that you won’t be sampling regular commercial beers.


Where: Burlington, Vermont, USA

When: Mid July

The state of Vermont contains more breweries per person than any other state in the US. The biggest specialty of these breweries is that most of them are micro breweries. With such an ardent love for beer running in the state, it’s only right that it hosts the oldest beer festival in the East coast.

This event is a good place to expand your tastes and sample new flavours like barley wines and fruit beers. Brewers can participate in this event only by invitation. This ensures that you get to sample some of the best and innovative beers in the country.


Where: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

When: Early June

This is the biggest beer fest in Canada. Top breweries from all over the world participate in this event and showcase their finest brews. Most of these beers are not often sold in the market. So, it’s a great place to sample some rare varieties.

Another major draw of this event is that professors at a local beer school( yep, there is even a school that teaches you the craft of beer brewing) offer workshops and seminars on all aspects of beer manufacturing.


Where: Stuttgart, Germany

When: Late September to early October

This two-week event is technically an autumn fair but is often referred as a beer fest by the locals. While not strictly a beer festival, it’s the second biggest beer drinking event in the world, right next to the Oktoberfest held in Munich, Germany.

A twenty-six-metre column decorated with fruits, the world’s largest portable Ferris wheel, and live oompah bands are some of the highlights of this event. Since this festival begins just a week after the Oktoberfest; you can attend both on your visit to Germany if you plan it right.


Where: Brussels, Belgium

When: Early September

This event is organised by the Knighthood of the Brewers Mash Staff and the Belgian Brewers Association. You can understand that Belgians are pretty much serious when it comes to their beer since the Knighthood is often considered as the modern-day interpretation of the famed, centuries, old beer maker guild.

More than 225 beers are offered at this fest. Apart from sampling new varieties, you can also ask questions to the brewers on anything and everything about beer.


Where: Portland, Oregon, USA

When: Late July

It’s a four-day event and is one of the longest running craft beer festivals in the USA. More than 80 craft breweries participate in this festival. You can sample some unique selections like the fruity watermelon beer that is a crowd favourite.

Some craft brewers offer unique beers that are exclusive to the festival. This event is a great way to know more about different beers around the country and to sample some finest craft beers.


Where: Maitland, Australia

When: Beginning of November

The highlight of this event is undoubtedly the venue. It takes place at a long-abandoned maximum security jail. With more than 50 craft beers, the event’s organisers boast that “This is the best prison food you can find anywhere in the world.” With live entertainment, huge varieties of food and beer, we’re pretty sure that this is the only jail in the world where the inmates leave drunker than when they entered.

Have you ever had the opportunity to take part in any of these famous beer festivals? Or is there any one that earns a spot on your bucket list? Let us know.

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