Looking to spruce up evenings at your bar? Why not host a fun, beer tasting event that caters to the corporate crowd, businessmen, entrepreneurs, college-goers and gangs of friends?

Let’s take a look at the few reasons to open up your brewery for Beer Tasting Events.


More and more corporate firms are looking for fun, unique ways to engage their teams. They are bored of doing the same routine team-building activities on their outings. They are looking for interesting ways to help the team bond while keeping it casual.

Capitalize on this trend by hosting a beer tasting evening at your brewery.


Beer is the new wine – especially, for tasting events. You would have heard or even attended wine tasting events and witnessed the massive crowds. The same goes for beer tastings. It can excite a huge crowd and convince people to go beyond their comfort zones. At tasting events, people are more open to trying out new flavours.

What better way, to draw in a cult following for your new brew?


Beer tasting events are an excellent way to boost your sales and carve a name for yourself. Once people sample the different types of beers you have on hand, they are more likely to return again and again, becoming your loyal customers.

Now, that we’ve convinced you to open your brewery for beer tasting events, let’s get down to business. Here are a few tips that you must keep in mind while organizing a beer tasting at your brewery.

The atmosphere of your Brewery plays a Key Role

The main aim of a beer tasting event is to let your customers have a great time, while they sample different types of beers that they usually wouldn’t try. So, ensure that you have the right atmosphere for it.

Keeping the place warm and inviting is helpful in persuading your tasters to come back again and order drinks off the menu. Ensure that the lightings you have in place make your offerings look appetizing. While a loud and lively bar is good for business during regular days, it’s preferable to opt for a relaxed ambience during the tasting. A live music band that plays a few songs in the background without disturbing the proceedings is a good idea.

Customers can focus on new tastes and evaluate if they like it or not, better when they aren’t distracted by noise.

Try organising your event based on a Theme

Themes are a great way to maximise the fun quotient of your evening. If it’s holiday season, you can try something like, “The 12 Beers of Christmas”. Or if it’s summer, you can opt for summery flavours to keep your guests refreshed and so on.

Tap into your creative side to come up with out-of-the-box themes to keep your guests impressed.

Have the right employees on hand

The role of servers or bartenders is crucial to the success of your evening. They must be knowledgeable and able to give detailed info about each brew. If you serve a range of beers, then your customers may be clueless on where to start and how to proceed.

Your employees must be able to explain and make smart recommendations based on the customers’ tastes. For instance, if a person is tasting beer for the first time, then starting with unconventional flavours isn’t that good an idea. Also, if a customer has distinct tastes and preferences, then suggesting something totally outside his/her comfort zone, doesn’t bode well.

Alternatively, you can set-up a podium or a mic, where you explain about each brew and its flavour profile to your entire audience.

Cleanse the Palate between Brews

In a tasting event, it’s essential to cleanse or refresh the palate between different beers. So, place a glass of chilled water at the tables and ensure that it’s refilled, to help guests refresh their palates. This will help your audience appreciate the flavours and aromas better.

Impress your Audience with Classy Glassware

The second best thing at a tasting, after the beer, is the wide variety of fancy glassware. Impress your guests with different glasses. Beer mugs or glasses with a narrow mouth and a wide bowl help to trap the aromas, providing a better experience. Also, ensure that you use smaller glassware compared to your regular serving ware, as after all, people have come just to taste and not drink the entire mug.

The Right Eats

You can provide snacks to your guests to keep them satiated during the tastings. Weak flavoured snacks like crackers, an assortment of nuts, unsalted pretzels, and mild cheeses are good options as you don’t want to overpower the palates of your guests with different flavours.

You can also fancy up things, by providing different courses of foods with each beer. Take the time to serve each course as a beer and food pairing, works best when enjoyed leisurely.

Add some Games

You can further lighten the mood by having some old-fashioned party games. Try including a blind tasting event. Serve a beer to your guests without revealing the make or type. Let them guess the beer. Let the winners enjoy a free glass of their favourite beer and so on.


Hosting a beer tasting for businessmen, professionals, college-goers, and gangs of friends is a great way to liven up evenings at your brewery. This helps to increase your clientele and also provides people opportunities to explore new beers.

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