Brewing SolutionsConsidering Selling your Craft Beers in Cans? Here’s what you should know!

Looking to sell your craft beers in cans? You’ve come to the right place! With years of experience as India’s leading craft brewery consultant, we can help you make a move from bottles to cans. Canned beers are trending right now and are likely to become a massive hit in the next few years. Beers in cans are – convenient, hygienic, and easy to transport. Continue reading to find out whether cans are the right choice for your beers.

Great packaging with a stunning design and uncompromising taste is a winning formula to make your beers stand out in the market.

Is canning the right choice for your craft beer?



Yes. Broadly speaking, craft beers taste better in cans more than bottles. This is because a beer can protects the drink from light and other elements, thereby ensuring that the taste of the drink isn’t compromised.

If you’re worried that canning will alter the taste of your brew, then you can stop worrying. Thanks to advances in beer canning technologies, manufacturers today canned beer tastes close to fresh beer from taps. Canning does not require any changes in gas levels, and you can very well fill unpasteurised beer in a can. When your customers pour the canned beer into a glass, you can expect it to taste similar to fresh beer off the tap.

When customers complain that the taste of their beer is slightly off, it is due to oxidisation and not canning. Oxidisation occurs when the beer is exposed to air, leading to a series of chemical changes that significantly alter the brew’s taste. Cans are air-tight, and hence there is no way for oxidisation to occur. It remains fresh until the consumer pops the ring pull and pours out the drink into a glass.

Now that we’ve convinced you of the benefits of canning your craft beers, the next question is,

How to design beer cans?



Beer served in cans not only taste fresh but also work as a good marketing medium. Cans offer a 360-degree canvas that you can use to market your brand’s signature style. Canned beers have some creative and bold designs that make them stand out on a supermarket shelf. There are plenty of free design software that can help you create a signature style for your cans.

One such tool you can consider is the Can Creator. It helps you visualise the final design in 3D with just a few clicks. This software is available for both Windows and Mac and is free to download. You can rotate the can in 360-degrees to view your design from all angles. You can also share your templates with friends, colleagues, and customers to get their inputs before finalising the design.

Cans score on the Sustainability Factor Too



Today’s consumers are conscious about their purchase decisions. They prefer brands that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Beer cans have serious environmental credentials, making your brand win eco-points with your customers. Cans are made from recycled metal and are 100% recyclable. They are eco-friendly and do not damage the environment. Did you know that nearly 80% of all metals produced are still in use today? Cans can be recycled infinitely, thereby do not generate wastes.

Today, sustainability plays a crucial factor in influencing customer decisions. This is one reason why large beer manufacturing company like Heineken, Budweiser, and several others invest in canned beers. The recycling factor of cans resonates with millennials who seek brands that align with their personal values. If the consumer cares about the environment, then he/she expects their favourite brands to care about the environment.

Market research indicates that most consumers over the age of 35 believe that recyclability is one of the biggest benefits of canned beverages. Over 52% of consumers state that a drink’s packaging plays a role in their purchase decisions. Today’s consumers want their packaging to look good and have a positive impact on the environment.

Besides the recycling factor, cans are light, strong, easier to stack, meaning they take up less space during transportation. Fewer trucks on the road mean lower carbon-dioxide emissions. So, on a broader level, canned beers are good for the environment, as well.

Keep on Innovating

Finally, don’t forget to innovate. There are several innovative features in canning technologies. For example, thermochromic inks allow the surfaces of your beer can to change colour depending on the temperature of the liquids inside. Using these inks on your beer cans can help consumers know the ideal temperature for drinking. This is a fun feature that is sure to increase the consumer appeal of your drinks.

Let us help you Make the Move from Bottles to Cans



Cans offer a win-win solution for both brewers and consumers. Often, small brewers wrongly assume that canning doesn’t work for them as they can’t produce large volumes. However, the truth is thanks to recent advances in canning technologies, beer canning manufacturers today offer canning equipment at affordable prices for small brewers. This is a massive benefit from a cost perspective, as craft brewers can use canning without expensive equipment.

Before you invest in canning equipment, you need to consider several factors like the number of cans you want to fill, speed of filling, and more. Get in touch with Microbrewery India, the leading craft beer consultant in India. We can analyse your canning requirements and help you find the right equipment that suits your needs.