Brewing SolutionsWhat are Microbreweries, Nanobreweries, and Brewpubs?

Are they the same? Find out now.

You would probably know that a brewery is a place where beer is made. But, then with the rise in craft beers, we hear plenty of new terms like – a microbrewery, nano brewery, brewpub, and more. What do all these terms mean? Is a nano-brewery a smaller microbrewery? Or is there no technical difference between them? Let’s find out now.

What are Microbreweries and Nanobreweries?

Microbrewery: Definition



As the prefix “micro” implies, a microbrewery is smaller than a conventional brewery. The term microbrewery was introduced in the late 70s, to describe these new small brewery houses.

Regular commercial breweries produce gallons and gallons of beer every year. Microbreweries, on the other hand, brew on a much smaller scale. According to the brewery laws in the US, any brewery that manufactures lesser than 15,000 beer barrels every year is classified as a microbrewery.

When compared with commercial breweries that manufacture and distribute on a large scale, microbreweries are limited in their distribution scale. They don’t have a nationwide reach as the big players, but they have a niche audience who are regular customers to their specialty brews and seasonal releases. The beers manufactured by microbreweries are termed as “craft beers.” Hence, sometimes microbreweries are also called as “craft breweries.”

Though the term, microbrewery was initially used to describe small breweries, it has come to mean more than that. Today, it also denotes a specific style and approach to brewing – that emphasizes creativity, experimentation, adaptability, sustainability, and flexibility. Microbreweries are known to push the boundaries when it comes to ingredients, process, flavor, marketing, operation and more.

Nanobrewery: Definition




As you would have guessed from the term, Nanobreweries are smaller than microbreweries, and they produce much lesser beer per annum. Unlike microbreweries, there is no defined number of barrels that distinguishes between a microbrewery and a nano brewery.

Generally, speaking Nanobreweries are small-scale operations, often managed as solo entrepreneurship.

What differentiates Micro and Nano Breweries from Commercial Large-Scale Breweries?



Apart from the volume of beer they manufacture, several other factors differentiate micro and nano breweries from large commercial breweries. These smaller breweries focus on the quality of their beer. Unlike the big players with deep marketing budgets, these breweries depend on word of mouth to highlight their products.

They don’t compete with the bigger national players on the number of barrels sold. Instead, they build a loyal customer base with their unique tastes and flavors. Each beer produced in a micro or nano brewery is carefully crafted with the finest ingredients and is unlike any other beer you can find on the market.

What is a Brewpub?



If a brewery sells directly to the beer consumer, then it’s known as a brewpub. Some states in India allow micro and Nanobreweries to sell directly to customers. In such states, brewery owners open a restaurant or bar, where customers can drink freshly brewed beer from the brewery. Most brewpubs apart from serving in-house beers also serve other accompanying eats from the in-house kitchen.

Most beer connoisseurs love brewpubs because it lends authenticity to the experience. They know that they are drinking freshly made in-house beer that comes directly from the brewery’s storage tanks. Simply put, the customer knows where the craft beer is coming from.

Additionally, some Indian states allow brewpubs to sell their produce off-site. Brewpubs transport their produce to other restaurants nearby using kegs, and the beer is served in these restaurants on tap. Some brewpubs even sell their produce in bottles and cans.

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