There is a reason why beer gets you high slowly; so that you can relish the taste. Why do we always prefer a coffee made at home over a cappuccino from any coffee shop? The coffee made in your kitchen will taste different every day but the taste will blow your mind irrespective of any case. A fresh beer plays the same quotient. Every brewer creates his beer with natural ingredients, unlike a bottled beer that will taste the same. Same applies on Craft Brewery in India, they follow the same approach.

Since 2015 has broken a century old myth that beer does not give you a belly, we hear the Cheers more often than before. Beer carries calories similar to all alcoholic beverages and is not the star of the fat camp. Speaking of beer’s fine nature, canned beers do add few more pounds to your thighs since beer stored in bottles are not all natural.

Conspiracies have been waltzing around that your light green friend might carry less of natural ingredients and more of stabilizers and artificial taste inducing chemicals that can inflate your intestines. When it is not fresh, you cannot predict its shelf life, especially if unnatural elements are added in it. That is the reason why your beers come in chilled cans, making your taste buds numb to the mischief within the bottle.

On the other hand, fresh beer will always be served at an ideal temperature at Brew pub in India. The lesser the golden shade, the colder the beer will be served, and clearly it refreshes the sense. The darker the golden shade, the warmer it is served and pleases your taste buds. None of this matters for a bottled beer. It will taste the same irrespective of any factor. You can have bottle beer in a bottle, in a glass, in a mug and there is no difference in the experience. Breweries take extreme care in serving your beer in its appropriate vessel. As they say, the beer and the glass need to dance together.

Bottled beer wins the game when it comes to proximity. How many breweries are set up in your street? Though canned beer can only almost check mate the craft beer since youngsters prefer style over monotony. Bottled beer being a monopoly can ring their death sentence as they enforce the same taste in our mugs. What would have happened to the non-alcoholic beverage industry if the same beverage can be twisted and customised? We will never know. When microbreweries are spreading their wings, we can clearly sense the edges tipping towards freshly brewed beer. Similar to a pawn being transformed into a queen when it reaches the end of the chess board, slowly and steadily the transformation is settling in.

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