There are men who can have drink beers all day with a pack of chips while watching evening soaps and there are also men who carry their beer mugs even on their first dinner date! What’s with the obsession to the gold drink? Every brewer’s beer tastes unique; A freshly made beer is proven to be good for health as it contains barley, malt and few more agro ingredients. Then the chef never really reveals his secret ingredient! This leads to 4 classic beers that you must share when you dine your favourite cuisine!


Cheers to your sweet tooth as barley wine is the buddy of the day with your Belgian waffles. With the highest alcohol content going up to 15% percent, get your senses magnified with an American or a British Barley Wine as they are significantly different from the other. This beer has got its name almost 300 years ago when it competed with grape wine to win their post on a dinner table. Though Europe introduced this drink to the world, it is America that fell in love with its flavour and revolutionized the brewery industry with this drink.


America’s pre-dominant couch potatoes survive on the American lagers! If you’re friends are home to watch the ball game with fries and chicken wings, you need a lager to call the day, a great one! America’s larger breweries’ pride has significantly sustained and propelled a growth spurt in the brewing industry. The beer carries thin malt and reduced levels of bitterness with a good amount of cereal, grains, rice and corn. Pleasing the taste buds is a Lager’s winning score!


The name of the beer couldn’t have been more German, as they flaunt their country’s finest! It is an understatement if one says this beer is the world’s favourite. Founder of Pils simply would have wished to pour simplicity in a mug with their unique brewing mix. It is known to be the blond, clear and effervescent. US (as always) sniffed the to-be-international beer when the drink was still brewed in the smallest towns on Germany in the 18th century. This goes the best with traditional German food. Enjoy the fresh beer on tap with German cusisine.


As much as the title is deceiving, this beer was conceived when India was still under the British’s rule. The pale skinned white men needed a cold drink that would help them survive the heat waves and Voila, Indian Pale Ale was born. The sailors of East India Company, survived the sea journeys with highly hopped British beer. This drink is made by the brit and only for the brit and goes the best only with their cuisine. The hops are brewed with special ingredients that keep the beers fresh over a lengthy period of time.

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