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Take a look at the Reasons Why Craft Beers are So Popular in Bengaluru and Rest of Karnataka

Known as the Silicon Valley of India, with a cosmopolitan population, incredible cuisine and globalised culture – Bengaluru has indeed emerged as the cradle of craft breweries in the country. Here, in today’s article, we explore the reasons behind the increasing popularity of craft beers in Bengaluru and the rest of Karnataka.

At the outset, beer consumption in India may not seem all that optimistic. After all, a massive portion of the market is capitalized by a handful of big name brands, and lager accounts for nearly 95% of beer consumption, out of which 65% are strong beers. Despite these bleak stats, craft beer continues to thrive and grow in popularity in India like never before.

Reasons for the Huge Popularity of Craft Beers in Bengaluru and Rest of Karnataka


1. Beer Drinkers are Ready to Experiment



New-gen beer drinkers are no longer satisfied with a Kingfisher or a Bud Light. More and more beer drinkers are looking to experiment and try new styles of beers like Belgians, India Pale Ales, seasonal beers and more.

Just like the huge variety of international and desi fusion cuisine available in Bengaluru, beer drinkers are willing to break out of their mould and try something new.

2. Craft Breweries are Experimenting To



Unlike big-name beer brands that have offered the same products for decades, craft breweries love to try out new products frequently. Whether it’s using new hops or trying out exotic and signature beer flavours, craft breweries never shy from experimenting.

With the urge for beer drinkers to try something new and the eagerness of a new-gen of craft brewers to experiment, it’s indeed a match made in heaven.

3. Craft Beer Drinking is the New, Happening Social Scene



Just a few years ago, if you walked into a bar in most areas of Bengaluru or other towns in Karnataka – you would be greeted with a dismal scene, that would fit perfectly in a horror movie. Broken chairs, smelly bars, headache-inducing lighting, you were sure to get a hangover even before you had tasted your first sip.

Fast forward to now – the drinking scene in Bengaluru and other towns and cities of Karnataka have undergone a complete transformation.

Today, craft breweries are the happening social gathering places. Most craft beer pubs have an attached restaurant, with a tasting room, making it a great location to spend a night out with friends. Craft pubs are coming up with new innovative ways to provide beer drinkers with the best ambience.

4. The Western Influence



One of the main reasons for the increasing craft beer culture in Bengaluru and the rest of India are because of western influence. Today’s younger generation are well travelled and well connected. And, craft brewers are no different. Microbrewery equipment suppliers in Karnataka state the craft brewers need nothing but the best equipment sourced from Germany, Austria, China, and several other developed nations.

Influenced by the US and Europe, the craft beer scene in India is rapidly increasing. Though India’s craft brewing industry is still in its infancy, the All India Brewers Association states that craft beer sales are growing by 20% every year.

5. The Millennial Beer Drinkers



Millennials are totally different from all other generations before them. The adjective entitled perfectly suits them. They don’t want to drink just any other beer; they are looking for the best of the best that sets them apart.

Drinking craft beer for them is like buying the latest Smartphone in the market, eating waffles or driving cars manufactured overseas. It’s all about validation, trends, and self-branding. Around 33% of the total population of India is made up of millennials (people in the age groups 20 to 39). So, if you are looking to boost your craft beer sales, you need to appeal to this coveted consumer category.

6. The Demand for Authentic and Organic



Of late, you would have noticed that more and more consumers are switching to products that are good for their health as well as the environment. This has led to the rise in the demand for organically produced local products.

Wondering how beer is organic? Well, all craft beers are organic. Craft beers are manufactured in small batches and are made from fresh ingredients. They don’t contain any preservatives or additives like bottled and canned beer. This makes craft beers taste unique. They are also a healthier option compared to big brand beers.

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