Brewing SolutionsDelhites Can Finally Say Cheers to Craft Beers – Microbreweries Cleared to Open in the Capital City

Delhites have reason to rejoice. You can now enjoy craft beers, right in your beloved city. Recently, the city government announced that under the Master Plan for 2021, restaurants, clubs and hotels can setup microbreweries on their campus.

What’s the Current Scenario?


Up until now, pubs, hotels, restaurants, and clubs in Delhi could not apply for a microbrewery license. Hence, they were not able to brew beer for commercial consumption. And, Delhiites had to travel to nearby cities in the extended NCR like Gurgaon to taste exotic lagers, IPAs, and other craft beer concoctions.

What’s changed?


The Delhi governing authority made changes to the microbrewery permissions in September of last year. This was pending for approval by the center, and now the central government has finally approved it, allowing microbreweries to be set up in the capital city for the first time.

Microbreweries in the city will be allowed to brew a maximum of 500 liters per day and must have set up professional wastewater treatment plants on site. Additionally, microbreweries must comply with no objection certificates and must hold other required licenses.

The Long Struggle for Microbreweries in Delhi



The DDA (Delhi Development Authority) had invited public opinions, suggestions, and objections last September for modifications and changes to the Master Plan for Delhi for 2021.  One proposal was to allow setting up microbreweries within the city limit.

This proposal was received during the DDA meeting lead by LG Anil Baijal on 7th September 2018. Objections and other suggestions were subsequently discussed on the DDA meeting held on 28th November 2018.

Back in 2015, the Delhi government has cleared a proposal for setting up microbreweries in the city. But, the proposal could not proceed further, since brewing was included in the list of prohibited industries under the Delhi Master Plan.

Following the modifications to the master plan, the DDA has finally given the nod to microbreweries in the city.

Micro-brewing Scenarios in the Nearby States



Barring Delhi, several nearby states have a vibrant and thriving microbrewery culture. Haryana has recently seen plenty of microbreweries opening due to the increasing demand from customers for fresh, authentic craft beers.

Another neighboring state, Uttar Pradesh recently relaxed its limits on microbreweries. Delhi was losing out revenue from microbreweries, as customers moved to Noida, Gurgaon and other nearby cities for a taste of fresh beer.

What does the new proposal mean to Delhi?



The clearance will go a long way in promoting tourism and improving the nightlife of the city. Additionally, restaurant owners believe that this will give a boost to the real estate and will encourage experiential drinking among Delhi’s pub-goers.

It’s expected that around 20 – 30 microbreweries will open in the city before the end of the year and industry experts predict that Delhi’s craft brewing scene will increase by 25% every year.

Gurgaon has around 44 microbreweries. Delhi which is 5x bigger in size and has a significantly higher population presents an incredible opportunity for young entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry.

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