Brewing SolutionsTips for Beer Canning – Experts share their Experiences to help Beginners

You’ve decided to market your craft beer in cans – kudos to you on taking this decision. You’ve crossed the first half of the challenge. The next challenge is figuring out how to start canning your beer. As one of India’s top beer equipment suppliers, we have received plenty of enquiries from craft beer manufacturers across the country regarding canning. We discussed this topic with several beer experts in India. We’ve collated their tips and suggestions on canning to help you get started on your craft beer canning journey.

Tip #1: Decide if you wish to outsource canning or handle it in-house



The choice you make depends on the number of cans you plan to fill every month. Suppose you’re planning to sell only a few dozens of cans every month. In that case, you can consider outsourcing the process to an external beer canning manufacturer.

However, if you plan to continue selling your beer in cans, it makes sense to invest in the right canning equipment in the long run. Smaller craft brewers often have a misconception that canning is expensive, and only the large beer manufacturers can afford it.

The truth is that thanks to advances in technology, canning equipment is no longer restricted by volume. With the increase in consumer demand for canned beers, canning equipment is now available in various sizes, starting from low-volume lines that handle dozens of cans to high-volume lines that fill hundreds of cans.

Get in touch with our beer equipment consultants to put your craft beer into a can at competitive prices.

Tip #2: Decide on the Size of the Can



This, again, is a personal choice and depends on your market and target audience. Aluminium drink cans are available in various sizes – the most common one being the 330ml cans, used for soft drinks. Besides these cans, there are plenty of other options like sleek slimline cans, tall, trendy cans, and more. Before you invest in beer canning equipment, you have to decide the right size for you and your audience.

Tip #3: Next comes the fun part – Working out the Design of the Can



As a craft beer manufacturer, you get full control over how you want the can to be. When used right, your beer can act as a versatile marketing tool. You get a 360-degree canvas, which you can use to appeal to your target audience, making your brand stand out.

There are plenty of can print technologies available on the market today. Paints, coatings, lacquers – the choice is all yours. You can even use thermal printing technology to let customers know the drink’s ideal temperature or include a hidden code on the can that users have to scan to reveal more information.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a product designer, you can use free tools like Can Creator App to try out unique designs for your products.

If you’re still undecided whether canning is the right choice for your craft beer, allow us to convince you. Here are some of the top advantages of canning your drinks:

  • Air-tight seals for your drinks

Cans provide an air-tight package for your drinks. Once sealed, there is no way for air to enter until someone pops the ring-pull. This prevents oxidisation, keeping your beverages fresh until the consumer is ready to open it.

  • Cans do not allow light in

Did you know that beers are sensitive to light? Prolonged exposure to UV light causes hop-derived molecules to break down. These molecules then bind with free sulphur atoms in the drink, leading to an unpleasant aroma and taste. This phenomenon is known as skunked beer. Since cans are made with aluminium and other metals, they are opaque and do not allow light to pass. This prevents skunking beers.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Transport

When compared with bottles, aluminium cans are incredibly lightweight, making them easy to transport. Cans take up less room during transportation, thereby reducing carbon-di-oxide emission during transpiration. Also, cans are not breakable, making them a safe option to transport, store, and sell.

  • Sustainable, Eco-friendly Packaging Option

Brands across industries are now forced to rethink their packaging options to meet the demands and expectations of eco-conscious customers. Aluminium cans are eco-friendly and recycled several times, making them one of the most sustainable packaging options. Did you know that around 80% of all metal produced in the world is still in use? Thus, cans contribute to a circular economy, eliminating packaging wastes significantly.

With so many advantages, it’s no surprise that dozens of micro and craft beer manufacturers are eager to get started with canning. As the no.1 beer equipment suppliers and consultants in India, our team can help you find the right canning equipment for your needs. Get in touch with our experts here at Microbrewery India to get started with canning.