Brewing SolutionsHow Microbreweries are changing the Face of Craft Beer in India

India has seen a huge increase in craft beer sales in recent years, thanks to consumers change in tastes. Beer drinkers of today are no longer satisfied with the regular mainstream bottled beers available on the market. They are looking for fresh flavors, fresh tastes, and unique ingredients.

The overall alcohol market in India is one of the biggest in the world. The overall beer sales in the country doubled from 2010 to 2016, and the overall beer sales in 2016 amounted to a whopping Rs — 41,000 crores per year.

While craft beer sales are estimated to represent only rupees 650 crores of the overall amount, the industry is said to be growing at roughly 20% to 30% per year. What’s striking here is that craft beer sales continue to increase quickly in spite of the hurdles set by the state government of each state. Some states cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune don’t face much the problem in India, while states like Gujarat, Manipur, and Nagaland have restrictions that prevent the rise in the growth of craft beer in the county.

Over the last few years, there has been a marked change in the way Indians consider beer. From being a drink primarily reserved to the upper echelons of the society, beer today has become a drink that is considered as the perfect social drink. Low in alcohol content, beer is slowly becoming the primarily alcohol of choice for Indians of all ages and status, replacing hard liquor.

The one major change noted today is that people are no longer satisfied with mass-produced commercial beer. They are looking for artisanal brews, locally made and sourced with fresh local ingredients. This change has been remarkable and has paved the way for the growth of craft beer in the country.

Though there is an improvement in the industry it is still in the nascent stage, craft beer and microbreweries still have a long way to go and have plenty of hurdles to cross by in the coming years. The industry needs care, support nurture from the state and central government. Only with the support of the government, the smooth running of microbreweries will be guaranteed. There are great hopes for the craft beer and microbreweries for the development of the country.

The passion from craft beer lovers and the acceptance by the customer has made the craft beer industry what is it today. The cities like Gurgaon, Bangalore, and Pune has accepted the craft beer culture. Many young entrepreneurs dream of opening their brewery and have huge passions for making craft beer.

The reason behind the acceptance of the craft beer in recent times as being the following reasons

  1. The western culture influence: the craft beer culture has been seen in western culture. The emergence of western culture in India has brought craft along with it. The trends in European and American countries influence the developing countries like India in a greater way.
  1. The entitled millennials: the millennials are quite experimental and believe in the motto you can live the life once. The culture of the party, evening hangouts, night hangouts are seen in rising among millennials. According to some reports, the 20-29 aged people are the major craft beer drinking population.
  1. The health frenzy people: The craft beer is considered as healthy than the bottled beer. Bottled beer contains the preservatives, whereas the craft has no preservatives. Also Unlike bottled beer craft beer is said to be healthy, craft beer doesn’t contain glycerine, and carbon dioxide is less.

There are only two main challenges faced by the microbrewery industry presently in India, first the high price of the craft beer, second the strict regulations that are a hurdle for promotion of craft beer in a state.

The two challenges depend on each other; the bottled are cheap because they are produced on a large scale whereas they also lack in the quality given to the customers. The bottled beer is also promoted and marketed, which is used as a strategy for its sales. The same doesn’t work on microbreweries or craft beer, as it is not affordable to spend money their promotion. This most of the people unaware of the craft beer in society. So it is only known to a few people.

The solution for the problem would be to use the right kind promotion and make people aware of the craft beer and microbrewery. The government should help with the promotion of the craft beer and pass the information to the people about the craft beer. All the breweries should come together and tackle the both mentioned challenges and difficulties in society. This solution can help with the rise of the brewery in India. Apart from this tax breaks/reliefs need to be given to craft beer to decrease the cost of the beer.

One the main solution is the coming together of the brewers in the society. They should protect their passion and spread awareness about the benefits of the craft beer than the bottled beer. One of the methods is to form associations in each state where the craft beer is popular, and it is permitted. It allows them to work as a team and break the barriers in each state.

Microbreweries are undoubtedly going to be the big next thing in India. However, remember that in order to set up successful and profitable breweries, you need the right equipment and the best expert advice.

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