Brewing SolutionsTime to Rejoice: UP Opens the Door for Microbreweries in the State

Recently on June 11th, the Uttar Pradesh state government signalled the green light for starting up of microbreweries at restaurants, resorts, clubs, and hotels in the state. This news has been spreading like fire and bringing happiness to all the beer lovers in town. The decision of permitting microbreweries in hotels, restaurants, and clubs, would make increase revenues for the Uttar Pradesh government and also provide a boost in employment and tourism in the state.

States like Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Haryana, Delhi, and Telangana allowed microbreweries a few years ago. Following this, these states have seen a major increase in tourism growth. A major increase in tourism revenue was seen after the setting-up of microbreweries in the states mentioned above.

The decision was passed in the cabinet after considering the increase in the number of international and domestic tourists visiting the state. The state cabinet recently approved an amendment to the Uttar Pradesh breweries Rules of 1962 allowing the setting up of micro-breweries.

The Uttar Pradesh government has stated that the overall volumes produced by a micro-brewery should not exceed more than six hundred liters per day or two lakh liters annually.  To set up a microbrewery in Uttar Pradesh, you will have to obtain a license.

The application fee is Rs 50,000, and the license would cost you Rs 2 lakhs for setting up for micro-brewery. A fee of Rs 1 Lakh should be deposited for obtaining the license. The validity is for 11 months. Restaurants, resorts, hotels, and clubs can apply for bars.

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