As a Beer enthusiast, you must have tried several different styles of beer and wonder how many still exists which needs a check in your list. We are making your life simple and to begin with sharing the details on Lager beer which dominates the market globally.

Here we go….


Lagers are the most popular beer type around the globe. Their origin if we check is found to be from Central Europe. Lager term comes from Germany, it’s after the word “Lagern” which means to store. In this type of beer bottom part of the vessel is used for fermenting the Yeast culture. In earlier days, beer was kept at low temperature for few months/ weeks to give it the mellowness however with time and advanced machineries now microbreweries keep it for 2-3 weeks.

If we go back in time we find that John Wagner in the year 1840 brought the lager yeast. It was bought from Bavaria and first lager beer was brewed in Philadelphia, US.

There are several types of Lager beer are available – classifications which remains common are they are light in colour, carbonation level remains high with a mild hop flavour. Alcohol content you are likely to get is 3–6% TBV.


Bock is type of German Beer. This beer originated from a small town in Germany which is Einbeck. This beer is slightly heavier in nature as compared to other Lagers. And it’s also slightly dark in colour as its brewed with dark coloured malts. Bock lager beer is usually brewed during the winter time and best considered to be consumed during the spring season.


Its interesting to know the fact Dry beer originally brewed in Japan. The “dry” comes from the amount of sugar which is unconverted and remaining in the beer after fermentation. Idea is to convert all the sugar into alcohol and its kept for long fermentation periods. Result is a typical crisp and clean finished beer which leaves a very less after taste.


Pilsener is 3rd type of lager beer. Name of the beer came from its city of origination. It was first developed in the city of Pilsen (Czech Republic). It is differentiated from other lager beers by its inherent high hop characteristics. Till one and half centuries back, this beer was fermented from top however with time beer was started brewing in cold caves which resulted in the overall improvement in flavour and qualities are also preserved. This beer is popular in Germany and other parts of Central Europe.

That’s all about the Lager beer, very soon we will come back with the other Type of beer which is “ALE”.

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