Thank you, readers, for your words of appreciation which are giving us on sharing the articles on state wise microbrewery policy. We have covered multiple states wise policy so far and now in this article we have covered excise policy in a state which is recently formed. People in Telangana are known to be chilled out segment and believe in experimenting new and best things in life.

State has drafted the policy which has helped in mushrooming the microbrewery business in Telangana. Several investors have come forward and setup the microbrewery business and people living in the Tier-1 & 2 cities in the state are accepting the freshly brewed beer culture with total enthusiasm. As policy makes the guidelines totally clear and its supported by great crowd which loves to sip fresh beer, hence investment has very good ROI and is amongst the best in F&B industry. Attached is the article which is a must read to get aware of the excise rules and regulations in setting up a microbrewery business in Telangana state.

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Download Microbrewery Policy Telangana