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Set up a Microbrewery in UP, and Turn your Passions into a Profitable Career

With the rise in beer culture, the demand for microbreweries has increased at a significant rate. The gen-next of India has welcomed the microbrewery and has made it as the go-to, cool hang out spot. Seeing the increasing demand among consumers, the state government of states like Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Haryana has made the laws less strict.

The latest state to the join the list is Uttar Pradesh. The Hindi speaking state has recently relaxed the norms for setting up of microbreweries in Uttar Pradesh. This has been the hot trending topic for past days.

The news has spread like a wildfire and there have been huge positive responses from places like Lucknow, Ghaziabad, where the plans for opening a microbrewery are already in talk. To make your job easier, here at Rohit Jafa brewing solutions offer you complete guidance on setting up a microbrewery in UP.

It’s important to have legal licenses to start a microbrewery. The microbrewery should satisfy the terms and conditions of the state government. The rules and conditions set by each state government differ. It’s important that your microbrewery should satisfy the conditions of the state.

The microbreweries are welcomed by most of the state after seeing the boost of tourism and job opportunities in the state. The jobs created by microbrewery are huge. This has been one of the major reasons for the boosting of microbrewery by the various state governments. The success rate in the microbrewery is high, and that’s the main reason behind the growth of microbrewery.

Uttar Pradesh and Microbreweries


The cabinet met and brought changes to the existing Brewery laws. This brought changes around the state. With the new law, the annual license fee has increased to 2 lakhs from twenty-five thousand. The validity of the license is from April 1st march 31st.

Apart from this law, the government has brought a rule that only 600 liters of beer can be produced a day. Not only that if the rule is broken, but the government also charges a fine of 5000 rupees.


What makes the microbreweries a choice for many and why it’s loved?

microbreweries-a-choiceA microbrewery or craft brewery is a place where a limited quantity of beer is produced for the consumption on its own premises. It aims in quality, flavor, and brewing technique. The beer is freshly produced, and it can have a lot of variety. We can brew our own flavors like citrus, mango and much more. This is not possible in bottled beer

The craft beer is more enjoyed and liked by the youngsters and also middle-aged people. The demand for craft beer is on the rise because of their freshness and the unique flavor available. The classic wheat flavor is favorite craft beer for most of the craft beer lovers.

In simple words, bottle beer is like a readymade suit, it may not fit you, but craft beer is like a customized suit, the flavor will suit your taste buds.  There are many different flavors, like chocolate, floral hops, grapefruit, lemon, spice, coffee, caramel, oak, coriander, hazelnut, orange, and much more. The craft is mostly served chilled, it is served between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit so the flavor is noticed better.

Unlike bottled beer craft beer is said to be healthy, craft beer doesn’t contain glycerine, and carbon dioxide is less.

To start a good microbrewery, you need good equipment. We Rohit Jafa are leading microbrewery equipment supplier in India. We have great experience in this field with various international and national projects. Our international project is running successfully in South Korea.

If you are interested in setting up a microbrewery in UP you can contact us. We have an office in Hong Kong, New Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. You can drop in a mail or give us a call. Rohit Jafa and team are looking forward to welcoming all young Uttar Pradesh-ians entrepreneurs for doing business with us.