Brewing SolutionsBengaluru – The Reigning Beer Capital of India

Bengaluru or Bangalore has many sobriquets – the garden city of India, the silicon valley of India, the true city in India, and many more. Now adding to the list is a new title – the beer capital of India. Yes, Bengaluru tops all charts when it comes to beer consumption in the country.

And, right next to Bengaluru on the list is Mangaluru and Udipi, two other cities from the state of Karnataka. The average consumption of beer in the city increased 13%, in November of 2018, when compared to sales volumes of 2017.

While the numbers for this year have not yet been published, leading brewery consultants in India are hopeful that it will be more than last year. With the Christmas season and the year-end holidays around the corner, beer sales are expected to increase further.

The Stupendous Rise of Microbreweries in the City



When it comes to trends, Bengaluru has always been at the forefront. Whether it’s adopting the latest fashion or technology, the city leads other metros in the country. The scenario is the same – when it comes to microbreweries. The number of microbreweries and craft brewery pubs in Bengaluru are significantly higher when compared to other southern cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, and even Delhi and Kolkata.

The growth of microbreweries is one of the major reasons for Bengaluru to emerge as the beer capital of the nation. There are more than 65+ craft breweries dotting the city, and the pub culture of the late 90s and early 2000s has drastically changed.

The Evolution of Pub Culture in Bangalore



Today, pubs in the city are no more limited to college-goers with meager pocket money. From the IT professional to top lawyers, businessmen, and entrepreneurs, everyone visits pubs in the city regularly. A decade back, the number of pubs in the city was limited, and it was sort of a closed community.

Only a handful of beer drinkers visited these pubs and bars, and owners had to rely on their regular customers to keep up the sales going. And, not to forget there were severe restrictions like – shutters had to be down by 10 pm, which meant the last orders had to be taken by 9 pm.

Today, the pub and brewery set up in Bangalore have vastly transformed. Pubs have evolved into large communal spaces where people of all ages gather. Also, the tastes of beer drinkers have evolved.

From sticking to mass-produced commercial beers, today’s beer drinkers are open to tasting new styles and flavours. It’s no longer about bottled beers. It’s all about fresh on tap, with a wide array of flavours. And, not to forget that beer is an easy drink that suits everyone from the young drinkers in their 20s to the elderly.

And, more Positive Changes are on the Way



That’s not all. The state government of Karnataka is working on revising and amending the Karnataka Excise (Brewery) Rules of 1967. The planned proposal includes the introduction of growlers. Once passed, this law will permit customers to purchase large containers of draught beer – typically 1.5 litres to 2 litres to take home.

Growlers are popular in several western countries with a large beer-drinking population. These are giant air-tight containers made of stainless steel, glass, or ceramic, allowing for easy transportation of fresh beer. And, there are even proposals for online delivery of beer direct to the doorstep of customers.

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