Microbrewery business in India is growing at a very rapid pace. Majority of the leading states have cleared the setup of microbreweries and there are respective clear guidelines about it. States such as Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh (UT), West Bengal. Karnataka, Maharashtra & Uttrakhand have detailed out the set of rules in their excise documents making the life so much easier for the segment of users interested to setup their business in the same domain.

In this series of informative Articles, we will share the details specified by each state. These being quite informative piece of knowledge for anyone interested to venture out in microbrewery business. We have first shared the excise details of Karnataka. State host the IT capital of India i.e. Bangalore, end users belonging to the age group who wants to experiment are in plenty. With the drafting of the policy & clear set of rules, it’s a win-win case for everyone.

Below is the document which is of your utmost interest. In case you need some recommendation or suggestions regarding setting up a microbrewery in Bangalore (Karnataka), feel free to get in touch with RJ Brewing Solutions at or call us on (+91) 98-11-233358 for craft beer brewing equipment in Karnataka.

Download Microbrewery Policy Karnatak